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Enjoy the Australian beaches while racing Ironman Melbourne. Feel the exhilaration while descending the Alps on your bike. Savour a cold pint of Guinness after running the Dublin Marathon. 

Momentum Sport Travel specializes in endurance sport and adventure travel around the globe. Join us for your next adventure.




Upcoming Events

Academy Triathlon & Cycling Training Camp
Kona, Hawaii
March 2018

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Featured Events

Ironman New Zealand March 4, 2017
Marathon Barcelona March 12, 2017
Triathlon & Road Cycling Training Camp Mar 29 - April 3, 2017
BMO Vancouver Marathon May 7, 2017
Machu Picchu Trek May 14 - 27, 2017
Tour de France July 2017
Ironman France July 23, 2017
BMO Okanagan Marathon October 8, 2017
Mt Kilimanjaro Trek October 2017
Catalina Eco Marathon Nov 18, 2017