Can I use my frequent flyer air miles?                                                                                                                           

Yes, you can if you are booking your own air travel.  Momentum Sport Travel would then just offer you a ground package.


Does Momentum Sport Travel offer just the race entry?                                                                           

 No, we offer race entry only as part of a ground or ground & air package.


Can Momentm Sport Travel customize a package for me?                                         

Yes, Momentum Sport Travel is a full-service travel agency and offers customized trips to any event or destination.


I am a beginner triathlete or have never done a triathlon would you recommend your trips to me?

Definitely! What a great way to experience your first triathlon by being in a new and exciting location. Additionally, as we do all the planning you can focus on the race.


Can I go solo? Can I bring family and friends?                                                                                       

Definitely! We have packages that cater to athletes and packages for spectators also so you can go it alone or bring people along.  Events are typically in locations that appeal to everyone and that offer many sights and activities for people to enjoy in addition to the race.


Do you provide travel insurance?

Yes we do. As travel is tied to participation in a sporting event we recommend it to all customers but it is not obligatory.


Does my airfare include free bike transportation?     

All airlines are different and we will review the options with you once the booking process begins.


Can I bring CO2 cartridges with me?                                                                                                     

No, we do not recommend it as most airlines will remove them upon luggage inspection.